Friday, March 10, 2017

You will Feel the Same Either Way

In the Ted Talk ¨The Surprising Science of Happiness¨ by Dan Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist, talks about how he assumes that the perception that people have on happiness is a lie. As he claims, he also backs up this philosophy with research about the brain, to bring this topic relevant as possible.
He talks about 2 types of happiness, natural happiness synthetic happiness. Natural happiness is feeling good when you get what you want in the moment, and the synthetic happiness is when you are happy when you don't get it all, ¨Human beings have something that we might think of as a "psychological immune system." A system of cognitive processes, largely non-conscious cognitive processes, that help them change their views of the world, so that they can feel better about the worlds in which they find themselves.¨ (1). It´s to not feel bad about yourself to fail or not obtain what we wanted in the first place. I found this pretty interesting. People will have different perceptions of happiness on their situations. Material things can affect the level of happiness but when you pass the level of income the level of happiness decrease. It´s pretty funny that people that have less choices can often make the person to be more happy. Why is there so many options in every aspect in our modern society?  I know I´m getting of the grid but it´s a great way for monetary gain of the market. New things are made to make people think that they need all these things to be happy, and more choices will do the trick for variety.  That´s why Cuban people living in Communist society assure they are happy and are there for each other, but will call the police when they see their neighbor is not sharing his fish or will not promote motivation to strive and prosper, because the I´ll make the same amount of profit if I work hard or not. That doesn't have much to do with anything.
But I assume happiness isn´t a real thing, well to do certain point.  Yes in the moment you feel that you're on top of the world with euphoria pupping in the nerves in the brain but reality will strike back sooner or later. Don't even stress to be happy. Try to bring back in the community, but don't let yourself down either. Everything in moderation.  Happiness is not real if not shared. Is happiness real, Is it just in ones head? Of course is just an illusion, but does that make it less real?
Just don´t think about it.
Always Strive and prosper for the better
Maybe when your time of death comes you look what you accomplished and be truly happy to see what you done
But that does´t matter right now

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Is Happiness Real ?

Happiness according to google the definition is ¨the state of being happy¨, as simple as that. Other synonyms that were shown below where words like, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness, delight so on and so on. What is really happiness? It´s a much more deeper then the definition that google gave me, but can happiness can be defined really. It's such a complex feeling. If you´d ask me, I´d say something similar to what google gives. If we´d go more explicit I would say, It´s a state of bliss, that nothing is desired at the moment. Is the real question is, Is being happy is that important? I don't know what to say, I´d might hear like an ignorant but I think it does and doesn't. Nor too happy (If that's possible) or too sad, more of grey area. Even if happiness is achieved, there will alway be conflict in our life up and downs. I don't believe in true happiness, period. Yes, I can admit that there moments that you feel on top of the world and nothing or anybody will bring you down, but what makes happiness, It´s value. What makes people value things, the answer is suffering. How would you act if ever week you´d get a new luxurious car. If that was me I would trash it, because who cares next week I'm going to get a new Mclaren, It doesn't matter. The sweat, the hard work, the suffering, bad moments in general, will make you value things and people that you worked hard for. If everything was perfect, a utopian that will never exist, that why the theory of Utilitarianism was made, there will of the majority. I´m getting out of topic. True happiness is a fairy tail, this is not pessimism, this is reality. There will be good and bad times, or else what we know about the word living will be just a biological state, not a pursuing a life style. Living wouldn't be living, period.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stuck in Neutral

Background Info: This 17 year teen is totally paralyzed, but remembers absolutely ever thing since he was 3. Like an elephants memory, he´s basically a genus but know one knows because he is completely paralyzed since birth. His parents got divorced when he was toddler because of his condition. Dad hates him, and blames his failed marriage; he is traumatized, and gone crazy. His dad covers his face wit a pillow and kills him.

  1. December 9: I´m still here at home. My dad just called my mom, there was an argument that I over herd, it´s again about me. I don´t know what to expect; I´m a bit afraid of the outcome. My mom said something about having a second job over night, and no one to baby sit me. I didn´t hear all of the phone call, because my mom when out of the room. What I can infer is that my dad is coming to take care of me. I hope not. My dad hates me and is capable of hurting me, my mom dosen´t know. 
  2. December 11: My mom just picked up from school, I don´t even know why I going to school. I´m paralyzed. All these kids are annoying. I can only give thanks that I have hot career, or else I don´t know where my enthusiasm in a ¨daycare¨"that last 7  days a week for 12 years would be like. Anyways, my dad came along, he was waiting in the car. I was shook; terrified for my life. The ride to the gas station felt so uneasy, my dad would just stare at with no facial expressions at all the way. My mom when for a quick stop for some milk and broccoli. She left alone with my father, I felt my heart pumping louder than ever, even more violent than my seizures. He just looked at me and told me with a grin. ¨Your mother and I will get back together. Don´t worry, I will do what it takes. Even if I need to get rid of you to get to her.¨ My breathing was even more abnormal than usual. I couldn´t believe that my father was 5 inches away from me, the closest he has been in years and the first words he had to express where threatening to my well being. My mom came back, ¨ Are you guys okay¨. My dad said everything was fine. Those 3 mins of my life where the most ever lasting ones; It felt like an eternity. Is my dad going to hurt me. I am intimidated, I know that I´m going to die. I can´t do or say anything to change my faith. Now it´s a matter of time, waiting for my father, the man that gave me life, to take it away in just hours. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

What does success in the classroom mean to you?

To me having success in a classroom is passing it, I don't even think it's about learning anymore and that´s a problem. I'm being brutally honest, and that what I think about having success. I´m going to talk in my personal point of view. I´m worried about my grades and not worried about learning. I just try to do everything fast and just get credit on it, not trying to engage with it much, because I know that after this assignment I have more to do and the clock is ticking and my sleep hours are getting consumed. I remember I was very enthusiastic in learning and had very good grades and even read and draw as a hobby and do as much extra credit for fun. I was so amazed in the world of learning that I go to the limit and keep up with very high expectations, I remember I had been lot a couple scholarships for private middle schools, but eventually I had to go to Mexico. In mexico in my middle school i will always get a perfect 10 (in mexico grades are 5 to 10) in my semesters with many certificates because I was not happy if I was not #1 in my grade level. If I finished my assignments I will do my homework in class instead of napping or talking with my friends. I will go all out on my projects and go on state level competitions of science projects all 3 years straight. All that stopped when I came to high school. I feel that I lost interest in lots of things. At first I stopped reading books in the bus rides back home, and the drawing after homework. In art class I felt that drawing wasn't fun anymore, and wasn't so enthusiastic about my work. Anyway my grades were pretty decent I'll say, I don't remember having a C in any in my classes. All that stopped because I had more responsibilities like babysitting and basic house work like cooking and cleaning because no one stayed home anymore. My work was not so dedicated as before, but I still did it. This year when t bad, just have grades I would never thought having ever.My attention is just way of I cant focus on anything anymore but what do you know. Ike this semester is ending I just want to pass my classes, I feel so sleep deprived, and stressed out will all the things and I got to do and just thinking about the 94 things I have to do just kills my dedication to my work and dropping my hobbies. I need to do something about it before my enthusiasm is gone for sure. I really don´t know what happened.

Monday, December 5, 2016

3 face

Do people really have 3 faces? Well in my opinion we do, a face represent the way we interact with other people, one face we show to strangers, another face we show to friends and family, and the third is the one we never show we keep it to ourselves, being the truest reflection we have.. I heard this first as a japanese theory that orgins say that we had 6 faces and 3 hearts but, it evolved into 3 faces. I don't know why but that happened. Well after all of us has,the person people believe us to be, the person we are, and the person we want to become in all of us. In my opinion the way we can become are best selfs is a lot of effort and dedication because it´s not easy to get where you want to be, even though you get there, it will never be enough, you'll always have a new perception and try to get there. Never ending. Well if you want to get there you have to give up some things that your use to and reset to do things you enjoy but that are not beneficial. It´s a hard fight with the urge. There's one thing for sure, you absolutely have to make a goal and get focus. Help people out with their goal too, don´t try to put people down for your advantage. Stay humble, and do what you love and be with the people you love.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Stereotypes. What's that to be exact? Well according to google ¨a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.¨ soe other synonym can be cliché, label or tag. What does that mean? Well the way I interpret this is the idea that people have with out seeing the whole story. Thinking the only because one person did something once, everyone is like that or that person is like that. Generalizing everyone or everything just based on that moment. Like in TEd Talk we watched of a person that came from Africa that she went to college and everyone thought that she came from a tribe and poor, but she was really living decent with both parents with good jobs living in middle class. Like she also thought when she was l younger that poor people were just poor, and she relsised they that a poor family of a house boy that her parents had where hard working. There are many stereotypes that are not true because people just focus on the bad things of people or the situation that´s going on and pass it around, generalizing the idea in an exaggeration without seeing the whole story just that part. People and including me have to be educated to get rid of the stereotypes, because ignorance is what make a stereotypes and makes it grow.

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength?

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength? In my opinion it is neither. Maybe more like a grey area. If you're very passionate or emotional about something it okay to cry, because oppressing your feeling and leaving it bubbled up will hurt you, and in my opinion not crying because of the fright of what people would think about you is a weakness. I feel that crying is a way to relief the emotions , when your sad, mad, tired, stressed, or happy, that is a benefit for our mental health. Like I said crying is not being weak or strong, and anyways after good cry you feel a lot better. It´s really it's not just the emotional system, but mental system as well. After all the pressure it´s a way to let all the stress go out of your system.It´s an expression, it only means that your real with what you feel and you don´t try to hide or lie to yourself with what your feeling. Once you cry, at least for a while, your mind stops focusing on the thing which had been making you feel worse, and you get over it,you accepted it, your done, new page. In conclusion rather than a sign of weakness or strength it´s a sign of humanity over all, shows that you care, what bothers you, or what touched you.